Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Oh hello.... its MAY! If you are like me at all... you are probably thinking where in the heckfire did April go... I didn't even get one post up last month. Therefore I have a TON of catching up to do. So this is my disclaimer...hope you can hang in with me as I recap my April to you.

Some time this month I applied for an open position at my church.. it was kinda a longshot because I don't have a lot of previous experience at all with computers other than blogging and working my Mary Kay business.. but it would have been a full time position and that would have been SO SO NICE.. Right now I am getting about 28 hours of work a week and I am probably going to have to find a second job this summer because I will be done babysitting soon.... back to the job... I got called in for a per-interview and then a second ..... then it was the waiting game... I just prayed that if it was the right fit it would work out.. if not, then it wasn't something I would have probably liked anyway :D

I would have to say that our biggest priority has been our Raised Garden. It all started when I brought home a BUNCH of seeds and made our dining room a "green house."  Now I have a deck-full of plants anxiously waiting to be planted in our GLORIOUS Beautiful AMAZING garden.... Three weeks ago we drove our little selves to Lows to buy us some lumber.... (we had no real idea what we were getting ourselves into).... I had to have looked like a goon staring at the walls and walls of different kinds and sizes of wood! Thank heaven that my wonderful husband was there and could read boy!

Ps.. we also saw a BBQ Grill outside and bought it for my parents as a surprise early mother's & father's day gift.  David and I both really like gifting and.. lets just say it.. my parents grill was way past its expiration date and they are hosting my sisters wedding reception at their house on May 3rd (tomorrow) and I am not sure if their old grill even stayed lit anymore... So GOODBYE Stinky green rust bucket! Hello to nice and shiny!

So we got our lumber and Grill and had to load it all into my dads truck and try to sneak the grill over to my parents into the back yard without them noticing.... YEAH RIGHT..... there was no way I was going to be able to effectively help David get that GIANT grill out of the truck and around back without dropping... So we just got my dad and said SURPRISE... can you move it hahaha.

The next few weeks we spent almost all of our waking time (besides work) outside in our yard and garden. David built the garden beds while I spent 2plus hours pulling stupid dandelions... I am not kidding our yard has like SUPER-SIZED weeds.... SERIOUSLY.  We thought we would try to get free dirt to fill our garden beds, so we headed out to different building sites and started shoveling dirt into the back of the truck.... yeah way too much work and WAY WAY to many rocks... So we eventually decided to just spend the little extra money and buy good composted soil from a landscaping company!! SUCH A GOOD IDEA.... don't waste time shoveling rocks... they delivered it to our back yard and we shoveled it in the beds and it looks and feels AMAZING.. I'm telling you our plants are going to be the happiest in Billings~nodoubtaboutit!

Last week was probably the craziest of all... because we were working out in our yard tons and my friend Katie asked me to share a booth in a "SPRING FLING" craft and vender fair.... SO I was crocheting like crazy trying to have something to sell... I'm not kidding... David was dreaming that I was crocheting on the couch and all our our plants dieing around the house because of neglect... I PROMISE I DIDN'T KILL ANY PLANTS IN THE CREATION OF MY CROCHET GOODIES.

Monday I went to the Kenesiologist and she tested and attempted to clear some of my major allergies from my system. She uses contact reflex analysis to determine what I am allergic to or what I have a negative reaction to. And then resets my body to have a positive or neutral reaction to it.... the problem with seasonal/environmental allergies is that they are everywhere and in order for her treatment to work/stick I have to avoid all contact with the allergen for 36-48 hours and that is practically impossible with environmental allergies.... unless I decided to become bubble girl.. Not likely.... but I can say that whatever she did has improved my lungs and breathing a whole lot this go around... She also told me I had a small infection and virus in my system so she has me taking 10000 mg of Vitamin C and taking oregano extract. The oregano works like an antibiotic but it doesn't kill the good bacteria... at least that is my understanding.

On Friday...(the day before the craft show) , I worked from 7am-5pm.... where I found out i didn't get the job i had interviewed for...(which i was actually relieved because I had been waiting 2 weeks to hear either way).....then went straight to dinner then right back to the church for ladies night out (I probably wouldn't have gone but my mom had already bought me a ticket and there was a chance I could win an ipad so why not). Ladies Night Out was fun but its not really my kind of thing..... I mean really... who wants to hang out with 1000 women who all wear a different kind of perfume and wear way too much of it.... I was having an allergy fit! Seriously, deodorant is plenty folks... you don't need to soak your clothes in frilly fragrance! That is why I love my husband... he noticed my allergy to fragrance and he stopped wearing lots of that how you spell it...? Ihavenoclue! But he is the sweetest most caring man in the world and I love him to death! ___ oh and if you are wondering, I didn't win the ipad or anything!

OK SATURDAY: I had to wake up early because I was so spent the night before that I couldn't even function to price everything. So I got up and got to work on organizing my crafts. The show started at 10am and went till 4pm.  When I got to the venue I was shocked at the size of the room.... they had us (50 venders) squished into this small conference room!!! And it was a complete bust.... I didn't sell one item! NOT ONE... there was like no traffic at all that came through the show and I got the feeling that the ones that did show up were overwhelmed (like me) at how close together everyone was. Katie had offered to watch my stuff while I then had to head over to my sisters fiance's grad party... and man was I sure glad to have some space!!  David came back with me to the craft fair to clean up and we headed off to church to finish out the day the right way!

That is what I love about church... even when I don't want to go... or think I am going to fall asleep during the sermon because I am just plain exhausted... I can go and worship a God who loves me even when I fail. And it made my day so much better.

And on the last day of this wonderful month of April we celebrated my sister with a Bridal High Tea Party. It was a fun and small relaxing time where we showered Arianna with lace and drank yummy tea. I was so inspired by this event that I am going to have to plan my very own tea party and have everyone over and we can wear big hats and pretty dresses! yes I think so! 

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  1. Jeez louise you had a busy month! That craft fair sounds horrible! All your hard work to be shoved in a closet with a ton of other people? Sorry friend! Where was it even at? I'm sure no one wanted to venture out in that rainy weather, so hopefully you can try again and have better luck next time!

    I'm so in love with that picture and the Gungor lyrics. Lovelovelove.